Sweeping Services

LADC provides the latest and greatest to the sweeping industry. By investing in the latest and greatest technology we are able to stay a step above the rest. Our compact low noise units are great for properties with noise ordenance in place or commercial lots near residental properties that don't want to be desturbed. With mamy diofferent services available give us a call today to you pick the package that is right for you.

Weekly parking Lot Maintenance Package

Everybodies property is different and each demand a different kind of service. Give us a call today to discuss and help build the perfect package for your business. Whether you are looking for a 1 to 6 day sweeping schedule or anything in batween we have what it takes to manage your property.


Snow Package Clean Up

As seasons change and temps warm your property still holds a reminder of what used to lay in its place and as much of us know in the midwest winter can be kind or winter can be rough either way it last for many months and builds up a lot of debris. Give us a call today to help clean up and get ready for the summar.

Illegal Dumping

Make sure your property is safe and debris free. With large footprints they become a large target for illegal dumping. Give us a call today to help clean your property of items that don't belong.