A Picture is worth a thousand words.....

The first thing a customer sees when driving into an establishment, is its landscape. And that first impression can be a deal breaker or maker, especially in a time when a customer can express their views on social media. Protect your image with LADC Companies as your property maintenance partner. 

In some of the instances, the ability to keep a property at its peak, esthetically, requires a little more than just some "mom and pop" operation chosen out of the yellow pages. It requires a knowledge of soils, plants, chemicals, and technique. For over 34 years we have been dedicated to providing superior service, with a staff of over 100 years of professional experience in the industry.

Contour Mowing

At LADC we don't simply mow the lawn, we contour it. By alternating the direction of the mow each week the root systems strengthens while adding the dramatic visual stripping as seen on many professional based fields.

Secondly, the blades must always be sharp to minimize the tearing or shearing of the blade tips. With properly sharpened blades the grass will appear greener and more sculpted.

Thirdly, you must never remove more than 1/3 of the blade length each week.

Finally, cut the grass longer in the summer heating months and shorter on the final to reduce the likelihood of pink snow mold.


Weed and Feed

Proper weed control and fertilization are essential to optimum turf growth and vigor. The proper balance of nutrients, NPK, need to be balanced and only delivered in the amounts they are deficient.

With 3 fertilization applications in spring, summer, and fall, a combination of slow and fast release nitrogen is applied as indicated by a soil test.

Two pesticide applications are also done with the first being a 2-way combination for broadleaf and pre-emergent for crabgrass. The second application is done during the second generation of broadleaf weeds.


Plant Maintenance

Throughout summer plants can make your break your properties image. With the proper maintenance you can be asured that your site will look clean cut and manicured to your liking.