Brief History of LADC:

LADC Companies, as it is known today, started in 1984 as Landscape Architects, Designers and Contractors, Inc., a company whose mission statement was to provide high end designs, top quality and unparalleled services at affordable prices.  In its early stages, it was discovered that high end was just that, and generally implied high end costs as well.  Residential design and installs were bringing in $500,000.00 per job, sometimes usurping an entire summer on only one job.  It priced itself out of its own market.


From the commercial side of things, projects and their costs were more in line with market costing but with the same intent for top end appeal.  They didn’t always go hand in hand.   With clients like Target, United Properties, Ryan Properties, CSM Corporation, Prudential, Boston Scientific,  Guidant, Capreit, Fingerhut, Richard Ellis, CBEllis, Fleet Farm, Costco, Onan, our portfolio read like the “Who’s Who” of the retail, office and industrial park success stories.  And we took that ride with them. 


In 1998 we took an abrupt turn, relinguishing all these accounts and converting to a small cluster of the largest national retailers whose demand was to cover as many states as possible.   We received awards for Outstanding Vendor, Outstanding Performance and Partnership and invited into their inner circles with the top executive level officers.


We have maintained these clients to this day, most times servicing to our own detriment; but when others are losing their jobs daily, we have stood fast and grown.  As we struggle to adapt and change with their demands, LADC will do all it can to bring their wishes to fruition while exploring other possible venues in which to place its future.


If you like variety, LADC is the one company that can bring it.  It’s future may seem frustrating at times, but tomorrow is meant for champions and for those with the desire to succeed.